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A community of chiropractors who are changing the world one adjustment at a time. Our mentoring and success tools can help you to reach new levels in your practice and your life. 

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Full LWP System

Our systems are known around the world for their efficiency, profitability, and success. We give you the tools and strategies to convert new patients into lifetime practice members.

The Inner Circle

An unparalleled opportunity for ongoing support, mentoring, and training in every aspect of your business from an experienced team that will grow your practice. 

Team Inner Circle

Coaching and training for your entire office team. To build the practice of your dreams, you need a team that that knows the cutting-edge strategies for converting patients.

Learn to generate strong referrals from your patients.


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Ultimate Community Dinner

If you want to add 5 to 30 consistent new patient referrals to your practice each month, you can take advantage of The Ultimate Community Dinner

Tonal Spinal Scan and X-Ray Training

You’ll get 4 hours of exclusive content,  about tools to transform your practice and build stronger relationships with your patients.

Reputation Marketing

By utilizing the services of the ChiroRep marketing team you can establish and maintain a healthy image and strong patient base for your practice.

True Teamwork System

 The resources, communication tools, and strategies you need to develop and mentor your dream team. You will receive specialized training and information!

"I am always so inspired by Danny and Richelle and what they do for their patients staff and community and fellow practitioners. They truly have a practice I want to model mine after."

Dr. Michelle McCarthy

"Very congruent for what I needed."

Jackie S.

"There was tremendous value packed into this class. I am so grateful that this affordable program is being offered. Drs Danny and Richelle have so much wisdom about what works and what does not work."

Kristopher M

"Dr. Danny, Awesome job! Really Enjoyed the program."

Homer J

"Danny is extremely knowledgeable about the business aspect of practice. I recommend this seminar to anyone who wants to learn the business aspect of running an NSA practice."

Amanda H

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