The Importance of Calendar Planning

Uncategorized Jun 17, 2021

If you've been part of the Inner Circle for some time, you'll notice that we frequently post about monthly "holidays-at-a-glace" calendars, as well as the health awareness calendars. I know we have members all over the globe. However, I generally post the American calendars. 

Wherever you are in the world, I know you can find calendars like the ones I post for the US. 

You probably wonder why I do this! Like everything, there is a reason behind it. 

Take this as an example:

In our office, we were in the middle of a planning meeting. Our account associate doctors wanted to do a women's wellness event in June. Great idea! We were putting the planning gears forward to make that happen. Hold on a second, I said, let's look at the theme for June. As we dug deeper, looking at all the themes for June, we remembered that it is Men's Health Month, and June has a National Family Fitness Day. 

With this in mind, I said it's probably not a good month to do a women's wellness event in June. Instead, let us focus on men's health and family. Since it also

Father's Day in June, everything came together coherently. 

Similarly, Wayne Sprainstorma is having an event in the park on National Family Fitness Day, on June 12th. There will be gift cards for Father's Day gifts in collaboration with fitness-oriented VIP businesses. There will be presentations from these businesses, and there will be food trucks and food is donated from other VIP businesses. This is a perfect example of having coherence and energy efficiency. 

At Business Mastery with Tony Robbins, he spends a whole section of his sessions focusing on the Internet and social media. He talked about "news hijacking" - watching for things that are going on in the news and using them to be part of the momentum. This is part of why I tell you to look at the calendar every month.

Look out for what is going on in health awareness and check the holidays that are going on during the month. That is how you bounce off of that momentum. A momentum that already exists. 

Think about how hard it would've been if you had put together an event promoting women's health a week before Father's Day - it would have been like swimming upstream. Compare it to what's already in everyone's mind. Coherence is key.

Taking up the habit of checking the calendar before planning events is essential. Do it months in advance. Know what's coming up, understand how that can relate to your practice members. Plan accordingly. Choose wisely. 



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