Lifetime Wellness System


Have you ever felt like your office isn’t operating at its full potential?

If you have, now’s the time for you to gain access to the complete resource designed for your practice’s maximum success. Along with 3 months membership to the Lifetime Wellness Inner Circle.

Dr. Daniel Knowles created the Lifetime Wellness System based on over 20 years of experience in the chiropractic field. His trainings, seminars, presentations, and videos are known nationwide as a top resource for up and coming wellness-oriented practices. Through using this system and hard work, his clients have discovered how to build a practice that not only has brought them success but has benefited their community as well with more chiropractic impact.

And if you’re up for the challenge, you can benefit from the same mentoring…

The Lifetime Wellness System provides you with specialized training so that you can turn your office into a practice that not only brings you success but has a positive impact on your community. This system gives you access to proven strategies that will help you to maximize how you promote your business and create stronger relationships with your practice members and your community.

The Lifetime Wellness System gives you the tools and strategies to help your practice:

- Turn your office staff into a chiropractic dream team
- Convert new patients into lifetime practice members
- Use provided forms to assist your team with patient intake and histories, education, and financial needs that can be customized for your office
- Help its practice members to improve their health and live a better life
- Improve its efficiency so you can spend less time working and more time enjoying your family
- Save time with automated financial systems

Get Instant Access to the Lifetime Wellness System now!

When you act now, you can receive three bonuses that are only available for a limited time.

Each bonus is designed to:

- Give you access to training and coaching resources to organize your practice
- Attract and retain new practice members for maximum income potential
- Provide you with mentoring and counseling services so you can stay motivated and focused on the goals you’ve created for your practice

Learn more about how you can gain access to the Lifetime Wellness System and start maximizing your success today!

Ultimate Community Dinner

If you want to add 5 to 30 consistent new patient referrals to your practice each month, you can take advantage of The Ultimate Turn-Key Community Dinner New Patient Machine.

Tonal Spinal Scan and X-Ray Training

You now have access, from Lifetime Wellness Practice, to downloadable videos of Dr. Daniel Knowles’ recent Advanced Spinal Scan and X-Ray Interpretation for Tonal Practitioners seminar.

Reputation Marketing

By utilizing the services of the ChiroRep marketing team you can establish and maintain a healthy image and strong patient base for your practice.

Your Chiro Site

Now you can receive website services from Lifetime Wellness Practice, to provide your practice with the ability to attract more people online and convert them into patients.


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