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An Inner Circle Membership is for enthusiastic and energized chiropractic teams who want to give more, serve more and receive more!

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How would you like to have an ongoing resource for your practice? You can get help and support from someone who has been where you are, knows the ins and outs of a successful chiropractic office and can give you the advice and boost you need. Yes, you can have a true mentor!

The wonder of the web has erased the barriers that might have kept you from getting the help you need on a regular basis. Through Lifetime Wellness Practice, you can now receive regular support and mentoring from Dr. Daniel Knowles, whose events, modules and videos are known worldwide as a top resource for practitioners. Dr. Danny (as his appreciative mentees sometimes call him) has built his reputation as a successful practitioner, businessman, communicator, and leader in the health and wellness industry. And you now have his vast, real-world experience and knowledge available to you, through the Inner Circle Membership Program at Lifetime Wellness Practice.
By participating in The Inner Circle Membership Program you’ll discover a revolutionary way to continue to grow yourself by improving your skills, knowledge, and excellence. At the same time, you’ll grow your practice and help your practice members grow in their well-being. At the heart of the Inner Circle, you’ll find that learning is a process and that there is great value and growth to be found in every aspect of your practice. From communication, office procedures, sales, marketing and administrative details to innovations in the industry and education, you’ll be learning all the best, cutting-edge techniques and secrets that will help you impact more lives than ever before.
  •     The Monthly Live Recording with Dr. Danny is an excellent opportunity to fine-tune your overall plan and share your progress. In the monthly episode, Dr. Danny will share updated materials and strategies that will help you realize the full potential of your business. This will set your course for each month.
  •   Monthly Team Training Episodes will help you deal with one of the greatest challenges you’ll face in your new and emerging business. Your office team can make or break your practice. Each person on your staff must be an expert, not only in procedures but in phenomenal customer service. That doesn’t happen by accident. New and unschooled staff often loses the opportunity to gain a potential practice member or turn an occasional visitor into a regular one. Now you can take advantage of tremendous training for your Chiropractic Assistants and help your team learn the ins and outs of practice member care and management. They’ll get the tools they need to help you grow your practice and create successful word of mouth.  
  •   Monthly Communication and Sales Training Calls will give you and your staff the sales and marketing expertise you need to consistently gain new practice members. If you’re not experiencing a conversion rate of at least 6 or 7 out of 10, the growth of your business isn’t what it should be. Your Sales Mentor in the Inner Circle is Hugh Liddle, the author of Selling for Fun and Profit. He’s the “secret weapon” in our growth, and you’ll get powerful sales and marketing strategies from him that will dramatically increase your conversion ratio, your sales, and your income. With Hugh, you’ll learn to make selling easy, fun and profitable.  
  •   You’ll get to listen to monthly Interviews with experts in various areas of practice, business, personal growth. These episodes will give you vital information that you MUST have to grow your practice.  
  •   You’ll receive Practice Member Handouts regularly. Education is one of your most important tools. The handouts for your practice members will demonstrate that yours is an experienced, well-rounded and informed office. These are a stellar surprise you’ll receive at various times throughout the year.  
  •   As part of Lifetime Wellness Practice’s Inner Circle, you’ll receive exclusive discounts to live events each year. You’ll receive special pricing that represents substantial savings from the regular price for Lifetime Wellness trainings, seminars and more.  
  •  Your membership gives you A Little Something Extra. You’ll receive numerous secret gifts throughout the year: surprise classes, webinars, live and recorded videos and audios and much more. The special information in your gifts is exclusive to those who are members and available to no one else!

"This guy is seriously on to something. No fluff. No filler. Just a whole LOT of great, actionable strategies for every leg of the Triad and how that shows up for the spine of your OFFICE. Cool stuff. His Lifetime Wellness Practice information and LWP Inner Circle are full of nuggets that are worth their weight in gold. Check it out!"

Dr. Matthew Mancuso

"All of that new-doctor dread of opening up practice has been completely wiped away by LWP. I know WHY I’m doing this, and I know HOW to do it successfully in a heart-centered way that is congruent with my personal and chiropractic values. And I couldn’t be more grateful for the success that I have had right out of the gate because of it. I think all of the people’s lives I am reaching and changing change because of chiropractic will be grateful too."

Dr. Lara Hill

The Inner Circle Membership Program affords you an unparalleled opportunity to get ongoing support, mentoring, answers and training in every aspect of your business from an experienced, all-star team. Enrollment in continuing education classes in business, finance, chiropractic, sales, marketing, customer relations and more, would require you to invest many thousands of dollars, and you’d find nothing that would come close to matching The Inner Circle program for breadth or depth of topic, or the expertise and ability of the mentoring team.

The good news is that you’ll find your investment in the program EXTREMELY affordable. In fact, many of the current Inner Circle members have stated that the program is easily worth double the membership investment. The outpouring of thanks and praise from the numerous teams who have gained the benefit of mentoring with Dr. Danny and his Lifetime Wellness team of mentors, has been truly overwhelming. You’ll love this program and you’ll continue to subscribe to it for years to come. And you’re not locked into a long-term contract of any kind. You can decide month-to-month whether to continue or not. And you’ll definitely want to stay in the program as you continue to learn and experience dynamic growth in your practice month after month, year after year.

Invest now in our Inner Circle Membership Program today and begin learning more about how to become more, give more, serve more, and receive more.

The not so fine print:

When you join today you will receive IMMEDIATE access to The Inner Circle. Your investment, after any special promotions, will only be $100 a month.
Once your investment is processed each month, you will not receive a refund. You can remain in the program as long as you wish, and you can cancel your membership at any time with a simple email. You won’t ever want to cancel, though, once you see the immense value you’re receiving every month and the resulting increase in your revenue!
If you do discontinue your membership for any reason and wish to return, there is no guarantee that you will be able to return at the $100 investment level. The subscription investment is determined on a day-to-day basis and may increase substantially.
So make a decision to subscribe today and watch your practice grow and prosper!
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