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Welcome to a community of chiropractors who areĀ changing the world oneĀ adjustment at a time.

Lifetime Wellness Practice gives you access to mentoring and success tools that will help you reach new levels in your practice, your revenue and your life.Ā 

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Maximizing Potential between Team, Associates and Doctors. Drs. Daniel & Richelle Knowles 2-Day Intensive Seminar on having DOCTOR, ASSOCIATE, TEAM collaboration in a Lifetime Wellness Practice.

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LWP in November 15 & 16, 2024.

Build The Practice Of Your Dreams

Lifetime Wellness System

You can have access to systems that are known around the world for their efficiency, profitability and success. You'll receive the tools and strategies to convert new patients into lifetime practice members! 

Inner Circle

An unparalleled opportunity for ongoing support, mentoring, and training in every aspect of your business from an experienced team that will grow your practice. 

Team Training

Coaching and training for your entire office team. To build the practice of your dreams, you need a team that that knows the cutting-edge strategies for converting patients.

Want to know the Secret of a Successful Practice?

Are you ready to learn from the best? Here's an exclusive training opportunity to be mentored by Drs. Daniel and Richelle Knowles and join an incredible cohort of doctors in this program. 
This opportunity is for the practitioner and team that is looking for more impact, more abundance, more service, more freedom, more joy, and more miracles.

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Marketing Messaging Masterclass

Learn Effective Communication and Marketing Messaging For New Patient Prospects.

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Take Your Practice To The Next Level!

Ultimate Community Dinner

If you want to add 5 to 30 consistent new patient referrals to your practice each month, take advantage of this incredible resource. 

Tonal Spinal Scan and X-Ray Training

You’ll get 4 hours of exclusive content,  about tools to transform your practice and build stronger relationships with your patients.

True Teamwork System

 The resources, communication tools, and strategies you need to develop and mentor your dream team. You will receive specialized training and information!

Lifetime Wellness Practice Team Training Memberships

Everything you need to onboard and train ELITE Chiropractic Professionals!  

Help Me Train My Team!

Lifetime Wellness Practice Blog

Discover new ways to grow your practice, become more profitable, and create more free time in your life!

"Oh my gosh!!!! We are so grateful Daniel Knowles and LWP Inner Circle!!!"

Dr. Stephanie Michelle

"We are up 500% this month from last Januaryā€™s collections and just busted through the ceiling of our highest collections month from last year...and we are not done!"

Dr. Jeannie Kakizaki

"I'm having my biggest collections year yet by over $25,000!"

Dr. Stephanie Harris

"Win - we have been getting a steady stream of new patients, even during the holidays which are normally slow for us. The calls just keep coming! Thank you Daniel, Richelle, and the entire Inner Circle community!"

Dr. Julie Nichols

"Another celebration I want to thank Daniel and Richelle Knowles for. I no longer worry about getting new patients. I have now started to think about the ones I donā€™t want to deal with because they are just not committed enough. What a freedom and delight!"

Dr. Joanne Haupert

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