An Unpopular Truth...

lifetime inisight Oct 20, 2021

Every time I am at a seminar or conference I hear the same things:

“How do I hire a team like yours?”
“My team is not motivated, lacks passion, etc.”

Or this line, I actually heard at mile high “I am energy rich but my team is energy poor and every time I walk into the office, they suck the energy out of me.”

Look, hiring a team is like any relationship. It is a mirror for YOU. I know this is not what most people want to hear, but the problem is YOU. The universe is always going to give you what you are asking for, so somewhere, your request is off.

Most people approach the hiring process from a place of neediness, desperation, quickly looking to fill a position. They enter into this process thinking about all the ways they have been hurt, wounded, or failed in hiring in the past. So, they end up attracting more of that. This leads to a frustrating cycle of hiring, training, and then disappointment when the team member doesn’t work out after...

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lifetime inisight Jul 12, 2021

Many, many years ago there was a transition that happened in the chiropractic profession. To show you what that transition was let me relay a conversation I had with a salesman who showed up at my office, one day.

I hear a knock on my door. An older gentleman stands outside. He asks me, “Who do you get your chiropractic supplies from?”. I tell him that we order them from a catalog. He responds, “wouldn’t you rather get your supplies from someone local? Someone who delivers the supplies right to you? Someone who is here for you?” “Of course”, I say, “who do you recommend?” “Me”, he says, “I've been selling and serving the chiropractic profession in your area for 50 years and you can get your supplies from me.” He wanted me as a client and I was intrigued to find out more.

I inquired what he did and he tells me stories about being a salesman of chiropractic supplies and exhibitors for many, many, many years....

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Business is a Spiritual Game

lifetime inisight Jun 09, 2021

When I first started chiropractic care, early on in opening my practice, someone said to me, “chiropractic practice is the ultimate mirror”. They meant that all the issues you see in your practice, all the obstacles you face are the ultimate mirror, the exact path towards growth and improvement, personally and professionally.

The longer I practice, the more I can see the truth of that statement. Business is a spiritual game. Growth and business often sit parallel in life. Change in your business can often parallel spiritual growth, too. At every turning point of our practice, we learn something new; we increase our spiritual understanding of our work.

When you focus on your growth and the growth of your team and give back to your community, the success you receive as a result will be satisfactory to what you want to achieve. Your personal growth matched with your team’s growth will fuel your practice’s growth. This sudden holistic growth throughout your life...

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