An Unpopular Truth...

lifetime inisight Oct 20, 2021

Every time I am at a seminar or conference I hear the same things:

“How do I hire a team like yours?”
“My team is not motivated, lacks passion, etc.”

Or this line, I actually heard at mile high “I am energy rich but my team is energy poor and every time I walk into the office, they suck the energy out of me.”

Look, hiring a team is like any relationship. It is a mirror for YOU. I know this is not what most people want to hear, but the problem is YOU. The universe is always going to give you what you are asking for, so somewhere, your request is off.

Most people approach the hiring process from a place of neediness, desperation, quickly looking to fill a position. They enter into this process thinking about all the ways they have been hurt, wounded, or failed in hiring in the past. So, they end up attracting more of that. This leads to a frustrating cycle of hiring, training, and then disappointment when the team member doesn’t work out after two months.

What this hiring cycle lacks is actually the intention, the attraction, an understanding or maybe just a recognition of the energetics behind the whole thing.

A basic understanding of the law of attraction tells us, whatever we focus on grows. So the first step is to acknowledge where our focus and attention is. Is it on everything that we lack? Or is it on everything that we have? Do you believe that hiring a team is a drag, and employing people is difficult? If so, it 100% will be.

The way to hire a kick ass team is to work with your own beliefs, shift your focus, and be a master over your own energetics.

I would suggest a simple journaling exercise to first acknowledge your beliefs around hiring.

What has your experience been with past team members? With past hiring processes? What beliefs do you hold around hiring and employing a team?

Once you uncover what you truly believe about this process, you can begin to shift your focus.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to begin to attract the team that you want:

What do I love about my current team members?
What do I love about my practice the way it currently is?
Where in my practice do I want to expand?
What personality/characteristics would I be SO EXCITED to have working with me?
What gets me excited about the hiring process?
What gets me excited about expanding my team?

By expanding my team, I am capable of doing more of the things I love such as……

Stop reacting to what has been and start creating what you want. Even better, act as if you have already hired the person you want to work with. Act as if it is impossible NOT to get what you want. Close your eyes and imagine. Feel what it feels like to have support from a team. Visualize this person. How do they enter the practice, how do they interact with patients, how do they add value to your life? Return to this place anytime you feel old thoughts coming in. Also, take the second set of questions and create a list of affirmations to remind yourself, whenever you feel the old belief patterns kicking back in.

This is not a quick process, which may be challenging for those looking to quickly fill a position. But training a team member and finding longevity in a team member is more than worth the time and energy put in at the beginning.

When you line up your energy, things will flow effortlessly. No one wants to effort their way through hiring. Care about how you feel, care about what you think, get excited about this process and your new team will be waiting for you downstream.

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