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Website Design and Hosting Services Exclusively Geared Towards Chiropractic Offices

Now you can receive website services from Lifetime Wellness Practice, to provide your practice with the ability to attract more people online and convert them into patients. By combining the power of local SEO (search engine optimization) to rank your practice, with a beautifully designed and streamlined site, you can draw more attention to your practice and engage more potential patients online!

You have many providers to choose from for website design and hosting services. What you really need is web designer and host who has an advanced level of understanding in the chiropractic field. That’s why Lifetime Wellness Practice is your logical and perfect choice for your website needs. The sole focus is to work with you to drive traffic to your chiropractic website and increase your potential to attract more patients. No other website provider can give you the level  of expertise in the chiropractic industry and the results you want and expect that you will receive from Lifetime Wellness Practice.

If you have a site, you know that accurately posting all of your information can be a major headache. All the tweaking and uploading can be a major draw on your already limited time too. Your focus should be on your practice and taking care of patients, not on why a web page isn’t loading correctly!

You have three different website packages available to you, filled with a comprehensive set of services designed to fit every budget. Click here to choose the right plan for your practice


You Can Have These Key Features:

  • Fully designed WordPress site
  • A premium theme to match your brand
  • A domain name for one year
  • One year of site hosting
  • Optimization for mobile devices
  • Content pages (the number of pages will vary, depending on package choice)
  • A contact form included so you can easily engage with site visitors
  • Email addresses 

You’ll Be Partnered with People Who Have:

  • Unique chiropractic industry knowledge
  • Website themes designed to engage visitors and turn them into patients
  • Ability to save you time and money so you can focus on your practice and seeing patients


Let Lifetime Wellness Practice build your site and optimize it for maximum engagement and growth potential. You’ll receive website service that caters to the chiropractic industry. There’s nothing else like it!  To choose the plan that’s best for your practice, click here to get started.

Full Lifetime Wellness System

If you haven't, now’s the time for you to gain access to the complete resource designed for your practice’s maximum success. Along with 3 months membership to the Lifetime Wellness Inner Circle.

Ultimate Community Dinner

If you want to add 5 to 30 consistent new patient referrals to your practice each month, you can take advantage of The Ultimate Turn-Key Community Dinner New Patient Machine

Tonal Spinal Scan and X-Ray Training

You now have access, from Lifetime Wellness Practice, to downloadable videos of Dr. Daniel Knowles’ recent Advanced Spinal Scan and X-Ray Interpretation for Tonal Practitioners seminar.

Reputation Marketing

By utilizing the services of the ChiroRep marketing team you can establish and maintain a healthy image and strong patient base for your practice.


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