Ultimate Community Dinner


The Ultimate Turn-Key Community Dinner

You now have a new opportunity available to you from Lifetime Wellness Practice. If you want to add 5 to 30 consistent new patient referrals to your practice each month, you can take advantage of The Ultimate Turn-Key Community Dinner New Patient Machine.  When you implement this program, you’ll reach people in your local community, launch a unique marketing program that will gain you more exposure and increase your patient referral count each month.

Utilizing this new patient strategy, you will be receive all of the tools you need to launch, coordinate and grow your very own community dinner program.

Key Skills You Will Learn:


  • How to schedule new patient prospects
  • How to scout and select the right restaurant for your own dinner program
  • How to inspire family, friends and current patients to refer to you more
  • How to engage past patients, including those who have not made an appointment in years
  • How to hire and train a team member to coordinate it all for you

Grab your new dinner marketing program here.


In this new program you’ll the art of gaining referrals. Referrals are one of the best ways to make your chiropractic office thrive.  Unfortunately, most practitioners are unaware of what it takes to get more referrals from past and current patients. When you receive this training, you’ll be more than aware.  You’ll be a referral machine! You’ll also receive valuable tools to train your current staff and strategies to hire new staff who will be devoted to the program.

The Unique Benefits You’ll Gain from The Program


This program doesn’t tell you how to market your business.  It teaches you how to inspire and lead others to share your story for you. There is nothing more powerful than word-of-mouth promotions, which come from referrals. The Ultimate New Patient Dinner Program helps you connect with your community and grow your monthly referrals.

You can learn more about this exclusive, limited time marketing opportunity by visiting the Ultimate New Patient Dinner Program page and enrolling in this turnkey system today.


You can become more, give more, serve more and receive more!

Yours in the vision,

Daniel Knowles, D. C.

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