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To build the practice of your dreams, you need a team that handles all of the details in your office except the ones of which you as the doctor MUST take care. It’s the only way that you can develop the practice and the revenue you really want AND have the time to enjoy the fruits of your labors with your family and friends too!

Your team needs to be able to skillfully handle:
   • The Day One intake conversation
   • The testing and films (if allowed by the laws of your state)
   • The paperwork
   • The Day Two financial discussion
   • Conversion to Beyond Wellness Care
   • Marketing
   • Event setup and sales
   • Letting your practice members know they are the most important people in the world


The challenge is that it takes time and effort to train your team to take care of all the details and to remember to do it properly and well on an ongoing basis, in addition to everything you’re already doing.

And now, you don’t have to worry about training, educating and motivating your team yourself, because it can all be done for you. You have access to a brand new Inner Circle developed especially for your team members! They’ll have access to training from arguably the best chiropractic team in the chiropractic world, the awesome Network Family Wellness Center team in Boulder, Colorado. These talented Chiropractic Professionals literally run the practice of Drs. Daniel and Richelle Knowles. The doctors in the practice have two tasks to take care of: reports of findings and providing care for their practice members. Everything else is taken care of by the team. You can have your team trained to do the same thing for you.

Your team will have access to:
   • Audios and videos from the training team
   • A secret Facebook group, where they can take advantage of ideas, motivation and encouragement from the trainers and from each other
   • Monthly sales training from Hugh Liddle, THE Chiropractic Sales Wizard
   • Marketing advice and information
   • Answers to questions that arise


"This guy is seriously on to something. No fluff. No filler. Just a whole LOT of great, actionable strategies for every leg of the Triad and how that shows up for the spine of your OFFICE. Cool stuff. His Lifetime Wellness Practice information and LWP Inner Circle are full of nuggets that are worth their weight in gold. Check it out!"

Matthew Mancuso

Like the Chiropractor Inner Circle, your investment to train your team is extremely affordable…only $50 per month per team member!  It’s an investment that can return hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dollars to you over the lifetime of your practice.  With the help of your highly trained team, you can have more people on more tables more often.  And imagine having time to enjoy your life because you don’t have to do everything in your office yourself!


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