When You Order ChiroRep Today, You’ll Get a Total Value of $8,500.00

ChiroRep Features and Benefits to You:

24/7 monitoring of all the top online directories including Rate MD's and Healthgrades as well as Google, Yelp and dozens of others. This is good for you because you will be instantly notified when any patient submits online reviews... as opposed to hoping you stumble on to the review online, but by then your reputation may be damaged! 
You are 1 bad review away from a tarnished reputation which dramatically affects your bottom line revenue.

-Value: $1,000.00

Dynamic "Smart-Review" Filtering: This is important because instead of sending requests to patients to review you directly on Google, Yelp etc. and hoping that they don't give a bad review, your custom branded feedback page will filter out the bad reviews and not encourage them to continue online!

- Value: $2,000.00

Website Review Syndication: This is big because when a patient completes their review on your feedback page, if it is a 4-star or 5-star review, it will automatically be syndicated to your testimonials page on your website.

- Value: $500.00

Social Media Syndication: This a good thing because each 4-star or 5-star review will have a professional review graphic created with your branding and a Call-to-Action to contact your office. This is then automatically syndicated through all of your social media platforms.

- Value: $500.00

Video Marketing Syndication: This is great because 1 review each month is featured in a professional studio Review Branding Commercial which is then automatically syndicated through all of your social media platforms and YouTube channel giving you even MORE online real estate assets.

When You Sign Up Today, You’ll Also Get:

Custom Mobile App – Value: $2,000.00

 This will help you build reviews easier and faster by having your tablet set up right at the front desk to have patients complete their review immediately upon checking out.

5-star Reputation Culture Staff Training & Media Center & Custom Branded Reporting – Value: $500.00


This will help you provides you with a custom video training portal with completion quiz to teach your staff the importance of 5-star customer service and solidifies this culture into their every task. The monthly Custom Branded Reporting gives you a complete 360 degree view of your review and reputation marketing activity results from the previous month. This is perfect for an encouraging staff meeting to reinforce the behavior you desire in the office.

Video SEO – Value: $1,000.00
This will help you because each month your Review Branding Commercial will be optimized and receive my proprietary Video SEO formula to become visible in top positions on Google.


Option 1:

Platinum Package $495 setup & $495/mo.

Option 2:

Gold Package: (the entire ChiroRep software system WITHOUT the monthly Review Branding Commercial Marketing) $495 setup and $295/mo.


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