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You are invited to participate in a six-month immersion one-to-one mentoring program for you and your team with Drs. Daniel and Richelle Knowles, D.C. This opportunity is for the practitioner and team that is looking for more impact, more abundance, more service, more freedom, more joy, and more miracles.

You can have access to mentors who have successfully thrived for over 20 years in what is now known as a world class chiropractic practice. In your practice, you will experience highs and lows, wins and the defeats, championship teams and teams that drain you, months when you lose money and months when you have record collections. Now you can have mentors who have seen it all, done it all, and emerged victorious. You will learn from their experience, so that you can do the same thing, speed up your success, and thrive!

You can come and partner with us to bring out the best in you, during a six-month transformation process of your practice and life. We will strategize together to determine the areas on which you need to focus to foster your growth and that of your team and your practice.

You will meet with us weekly (at least a minimum of three times a month) and for a half hour at a pre-set time. You will also have reasonable access to us via phone, text, and email.

The process for getting one of these exclusive spots is listed below:

  • First, you must apply to our program. Apply Here
  • You will receive notification once a decision has been made among all of the requests. If you are accepted, you will be contacted to have a brief conversation with either Dr. Daniel or Dr. Richelle to get all the details about the program. This can be scheduled here.

Procrastination is one of the greatest killers of success, so don’t delay!

If you are all ready to roll up your sleeves and for an initial 6 month immersive mentoring get started here


"I just want to take a moment to appreciate all that all of you put into this! It has been beautiful - so beautiful to be a part of the mentor group for the past several years! It's been a game changing lifeline in fact! So a big HUGE thank you to all of you for that! We get so much from participating!"

Dr. Joie Mazor
Chiropractor, Sojourn Wellness Center

"It was more than I expected. It was a marathon. It was go, go, go. And I still can't believe what I got out of this day. You over delivered you and Richelle, always over deliver. I can just say with certainty, I have a stronger sense of direction. I have a clearer compass point of where I want my practice to go and what my future looks like "

Darin Mazepa
Chiropractor, Vitality Natural Healthcare Center

"I love working with Danny and Richelle! The personal one on one mentoring is so valuable as they are helping me each step of the way to creating my dream team driven practice! Thank you Danny and Richelle, your commitment to not only the LWP Inner Circle but to everything you do is amazing and making a huge impact in the profession and the world!"

Dr. Jackie St.Cyr

"Working with Danny and Richelle is like having literal angels on your shoulders, guiding and supporting you as a person, practitioner, and business owner. All three parts are addressed and supported, culminating in how you are best able to make an extraordinary impact on humanity AND enjoy the benefits of that in your life! I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with true masters and friends."

Matthew Mancuso

"Wanted to share our office wins this week. We stared group report of findings this week with care plans and financials, ala LWP. We signed signed all 6! A big thank you to our team for all your talent! Eternally grateful to Danny and Richelle for your vision that helps us have more people on the tables more often!"

Anita scher

"Daniel Knowles and Richelle Laurich Knowles go above and beyond in their service! I am in awe of the commitment, grace and gifts you bring. Thank you. Lifetime wellness practice and the gifts they offer are so beyond worth the investment. If you have ever wanted support in your chiropractic practice membership is open again. And now there is a support system just for staff. Phenomenal!"

Kirsten Perkins

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