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You graduated from chiropractic school with a hunger and a mission to serve humanity. You have an incredible gift in your hands and you’re ready to make an impact.

Fast forward to the point where you are burned out and exhausted from trying to do it alone. So, you hire a team thinking that will be the solution to your problem. Only now, do you realize you have a new problem. You have no idea how to hire, train and coordinate a team.

You end up feeling even more drained and exhausted from managing a team. Your office is not hitting desired outcomes, you spend more time solving problems than serving practice members, and the office feels messy, chaotic, and disorganized. You struggle to find the right Team and keep them longer than a few months. The team members who do stick around often aren’t meeting your expectations and you feel like you have to babysit or micromanage to make sure everything gets done. You know you need better systems but you're not sure where to start. You question whether you should just throw in the towel and downsize your practice just to make life simple again.

You don’t want this experience for you, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

How would it be to feel supported by your team and experience more time freedom, higher profits, and an expanded ability to serve your community?

What if you could focus all of your energy and work hours on what you’re really passionate about, adjusting spines and changing lives?

If that is the experience you desire, you’re in the right place.

If you want a team that is self-starting, self-regulating, organized, effective at hitting goals, and most importantly, has fun together, you have to give them the tools to get there.

Most doctors make the mistake of thinking that if they can just hire the right people, pay them the right amount, and get them on board with the mission of chiropractic, that will be enough to make them kick-ass team. I’m sorry to say, that probably works less than 10% of the time.

So what does work? It’s actually VERY simple. Team who are willing to wholeheartedly invest their time and energy into bringing your vision to life need to feel good when they clock in every day. That's it.

People quit because they are experiencing more cons than pros.

So, how do we get everyone to have a positive experience together?

Team up with a CA's who has been where your team members are and has experienced massive success in supporting the chiropractors in their office and have them train your team to do the same thing for you.

  1. You take an open and honest look at what’s going on within the practice and the team. You receive support in communicating your perspective and hearing your Team's; viewpoint. You and your team share where you are and what's going on, so you can resolve conflicts and establish trust among your team. Zero in on where you and your team really want to be.
  2. Once you know where you want to go, you will identify key areas that need better systems and create a plan for implementing them while learning tools for success along the way.
  3. When you begin implementing new systems, questions, challenges, and roadblocks come up. You will refine your processes, learn from the challenges, and receive support navigating what arises.
  4. As trust is restored, communication and problem-solving will improve, Team Mentor’s will feel empowered and you will be able to focus on doing what you do best. Your team will have access to support to fill in the gaps when they need it, so you can be sure that things continue to move in a positive direction.

The Result: A team that is confident, self-regulating, and outcome-focused.

This is a Team Driven Practice.

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"As a brand new doctor in private practice, I cannot say enough about the value of these trainings. Having a system and structure in place that is duplicatable and simple to follow is the major key to quick success! Thank you to the Drs. Knowles and their team of experts for distilling 20 years of practice, mistakes, and wins into an easy to follow and affordable program!"

~ Monica Green

"Our staff members love the Tuesday calls with Julie, always coming away with pages of notes, a cornucopia of ideas and buoyant inspiration. Goal setting, information sharing, and connection to chiropractic, and how to best serve to create triple wins. "

~ Kerry Leigh Stiles

Meet Your Team Mentors

Julie Jones


Julie is the Executive Director of Lifetime Wellness Practice and co-founder of the Lifetime Wellness Practice Team Training Memberships. Her expertise is in communication, strengths based leadership, organization, sales, business strategy and practice coordination. She has worked closely with the Knowles for many years and has been trained and mentored by some of the leading experts in the field. She received her Bachelors Degree from Naropa University in Peace Studies where she deepened her knowledge of mediation and non-violent communication strategies. She is a certified Life Coach and brings her coaching tools when working closely with Chiropractic teams. Julie has held every title in a chiropractic office, short of Chiropractor. She is a master in running a practice and training extraordinary chiropractic teams!

Carrie Mancuso


Carrie Mancuso was shanghaied into the chiropractic profession by her husband-to-be in 2009, and fell in love with the impact that chiropractic has on all the lives that it touches. She is the co-founder and COO of Intrinsic Care Chiropractic, making waves in the fabric of thousands of people’s lives in central Ohio. As an SRI Wellness Educator, Carrie helps people experience how innate healing is beyond what is commonly expected and can transform lives.

Due to demand, she now also supports as a mentor for Lifetime Wellness Practice with a gift for training, empowering, and bringing out the best in chiropractic teams. In her free time, Carrie is an artist, painter, world traveler, garden pixie, and semi-professional dog-snuggler.