Tonal Spinal Scan and X-Ray Training

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Advanced Spinal Scan and X-Ray Interpretation Video

You now have access, from Lifetime Wellness Practice, to downloadable videos of Dr. Daniel Knowles’ recent Advanced Spinal Scan and X-Ray Interpretation for Tonal Practitioners seminar. You’ll get 4 hours of exclusive content,  about tools to transform your practice and build stronger relationships with your patients.


This unique program will enhance your understanding of your patients’ needs, so you can offer a tailor-made care plan for them throughout their entire healing process. In fact, after watching Dr. Daniel Knowles D.C., you’ll learn how to interpret spinal scans in a fresh, new light.

Chiropractors who attended this event live called the program, “a complete game changer” and “a necessity if you want to be an exceptional NSA chiropractor.”

With heavy emphasis on the work of D.D. and B.J. Palmer, other great Chiropractic clinicians and extensive patient case studies, you will absolutely build these key skills, communicate better with your patients and give them a positive perspective on their care, and on their live.

Key Skills You’ll Learn:

  • Enhanced interpretation of your patient’s initial presentation
  • Heightened abilities to detect spine and nervous system progress
  • Better understanding of spinal cord and connective tissue patterns when viewing x-rays
  • Ability to visualize your patients’ spinal tension patterns through electromyography and thermography readings
  • Clearer comprehension of the difference between a patient who is in a pattern or clearing


You’ll Communicate More Effectively About:

  • The starting point for your patient
  • Patient status in relation to their entire healing process at each reassessment beyond “You’re improving” or “You’re getting worse”
  • Patient triad of change (structural, behavioral and perception) and how it affects their spinal outcome assessments


You’ll Be Able to Help Your Practice Members:

  • Relate their spinal health to their day-to-day life
  • Redirect their focus from pain to life enhancement


This program will generate tremendous value for your care.


Click here for the Advanced Spinal Scan and X-Ray Interpretation for Tonal Practitioners seminar.

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