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What Is Lifetime Wellness Practice?

An international community of chiropractors who are changing the world one adjustment at a time with highly effective mentoring and systems to reach new levels of success in practice and life.

For over 20 years, the Knowles Team has developed a legendary cash practice while gaining superior knowledge into the cutting-edge strategies for chiropractors. From their many years of experience, they decided to form Lifetime Wellness Practice in 2012 with the mission of empowering chiropractors around the world. Since its inception, LWP has been the premier mentoring and coaching platform built exclusively for chiropractors and their dreams. 

If you want to expand your vision, reach new levels of practice growth, and serve more souls, you can now become a member of the our LWP community by exploring our resources and success tools.

Through our membership programs, exclusive mentoring opportunities, coaching, events, and training tools you can expand your impact while experiencing more freedom and ease in your life. 


Our Commitment to You

If you've found yourself here, we know you are devoted to your practice members and you want to be the best chiropractor you can be – delivering the best health care to them as possible. When you partner with Lifetime Wellness Practice you are working with some of the most experienced minds in chiropractic, who are also devoted to the well-being of those you serve as well as to your success as a chiropractor.

This dedication to service is  mirrored in each and every aspect of Lifetime Wellness Practice and guiding every system, tool, service and benefit in the program. It is Lifetime Wellness Practice’s commitment to the develop heart centered features and services for you and to consistently stand on the cutting-edge of chiropractic marketing and practice building.




Dr. Daniel is a licensed Chiropractor and the co-founder of Network Family Wellness Center, Mile High Chiro Movement, and Lifetime Wellness Practice. He also serves as both an Instructor and the International Operations Developer at EpiEnergetics. He holds a Bachelor Degree, with honors, from New York University, and a DC Degree from the Sherman College of Chiropractic, where he has also served on the Board of Directors. Dr. Daniel has made hundreds of professional presentations across the world on the philosophy and future of chiropractic. At LWP, Dr. Daniel helps his clients to develop healthy, successful practices that are built to last. His clients receive individualized tools that can help any doctor to become financially successful, philosophically rich, and patient-focused. When he is not in the office or spending time with clients, Dr. Daniel enjoys hiking, biking, and skiing in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, with his wife and two children.



Dr. Richelle is a licensed Chiropractor and the co-founder of both Network Family Wellness Center and Lifetime Wellness Practice. A Certified Instructor for EpiEnergetics, Dr. Richelle teaches the cutting-edge techniques of NetworkSpinal to doctors across the globe. She attended Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and is a 1999 graduate of Sherman College of Chiropractic. Additionally, Dr. Richelle has served on the boards of numerous organizations, including the Colorado Board of Chiropractic Examiners and the International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations. She is renowned for the love and care she provides for her patients, her team, and everyone with whom she comes into contact. A talented speaker, businesswoman and coach, Dr. Richelle helps her clients at LWP develop their dream practices and better serve patients. When she is not with patients, traveling, or teaching, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children hiking, running, camping, reading and gardening.


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