Unlimited New Patient Growth

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You’ll absolutely love this online, live-stream training module that provides the systems and strategies you need in place to massively increase your practice and your revenue.  This updated material will put you on the cutting-edge of practice-building. Your investment for the event is tiny, compared to the revenue growth you’ll experience just in the first month or two when you apply the principles you’ll learn!


"So much value of twenty years of experience packed into two days. We can take this info for years and years of planning improvements. I can create a plan for five years for our practice we will change our care plans and our new entire patient systems right of the boat."

- Victoria Schexnailder

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In this module you will master the art of:

  • Never worry again where your next new patient prospect
    is coming from.
  • Start attracting 15-60 more new patients every month or more!
  • Create an outreach plan that will continuously drive new patients to your tables!
  • Empower your team to be part of the new patient process
  • New patient communication
  • Find the answers to all of your new patient problems

You And Your Entire Team Will Receive Training On:

  • Chiropractic communication
  • New patient attraction
  • New patient appreciation
  • New patient consultation and examination procedures
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