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ChiroRep has been the most effective way for Chiropractors to maintain a consistent flow of patients each and every day. Thanks to our revolutionary and proven automated marketing platform you’ll no longer stand idle as your competitors take the patients you work hard for. And the best part is that it only takes about 20 minutes a month to update!

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It’s imperative that health care practices such as Chiropractors understand that many patients are using the internet to find local doctor offices to visit. They may be looking for you online because they need an office closer to them, or perhaps they have heard of you and want to learn more about your practice. What is the very first thing you yourself have a tendency to notice while researching a product or service – REVIEWS, right? Have you ever thought about buying a particular product or utilizing a specific service but later changed your mind due to the impression you got after reading a few bad or ‘not-so-good’ reviews? Well, we can guarantee you that as a Chiropractor if you have any not-so-good reviews about your practice then you’re losing patients – it’s that simple. Our marketing experts have spent quality time gathering research from the world’s most popular search engine: Google. The information we discovered was BEYOND the expectations of what 95% of chiropractic professionals had believed – see for yourself below.consequat.

“After being referred to a business, what do you do next?”

“When searching for a business what do you look for?”

“87% of the time they go search Google for the name of the business.”

“52% stated they look for ratings & reviews. (this is called "social proof")”

What do your prospective patients see when they Google YOUR Practice?

Do you have bad reviews? Do you have enough good reviews?

The internet has become the most revolutionary method for chiropractic practices to build a reputation, whether bad or good. ChiroRep understands that sometimes a good practice will in time acquire a negative review regarding their services, and we want to not only remind you the importance of your image online, but also urge you to take action to see that your reputation is managed properly for the good health of your practice in terms of longevity. The reviews about your practice are obviously going to impact business severely given the amount of patients who are looking you up on the search engines. Your “Social Proof” is vital to maintaining a strong image that delivers a message to your patients that you can be trusted as a chiropractic professional.

The ChiroRep Reputation Marketing System is the most viable option Chiropractors have to date at keeping a solid, positive reputation intact. It gets better, though! Not only can we assist Chiropractors in sustaining an excellent reputation, but we will also ensure that you are not hit blindly by a patient who may decide to leave a negative review. ChiroRep has the reputation management team you can trust to help you maintain a perfect image for your chiropractic practice. We are a tested and verified solution with the proven power to provide Chiropractors with a 5 STAR reputation management service, and also market that 5 STAR reputation to help you attract more patients that need quality Chiropractors they feel like they can trust.


Did you realize that there are over 50 online locations that your patients can review your practice? Do you know when a review is posted about you?


You don't make money managing your reputation, you make money marketing your reputation! Let us help you.

Social Proof

72% Of Buyers Trust Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations. (Bright Local)

Don’t let your chiropractic practice suffer because of an image you may or may not have online. You have worked hard to get where you are and deserve to be recognized as the A+ business you run each and every day. Here’s a fun fact you probably did not know about: Nearly 98% of chiropractic patients are referred to a practice by referral by either a friend or family member, or by an insurance agency. Just keep in mind that 87% of those referrals are looking for you online, and 57% of those people are judging your practice based off of “Social Proof” – ratings & reviews. Don’t you want those potential patients to see that your practice can be trusted? ChiroRep will help you acquire and maintain a perfect image as well as market a 5 star reputation that will inevitably drive more patients to you.


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