Advanced Spinal Scan and X-Ray Interpretation for Tonal Practitioners seminar

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Dear Fellow Practitioner,

My name is Dr. Daniel Knowles, D.C. and I want to personally invite you to grab the recordings of my Advanced Spinal Scan and X-Ray Interpretation for Tonal Practitioners seminar.

During this over 4-hour event, I covered a lot of exclusive material and by watching the videos you will learn how to:

Create immense value for your care

Interpret spinal scans in a way you never have before

Visualize adverse mechanical spinal cord tension patterns in spinal EMG and thermography readings

Communicate practice members structural, behavioral and perception changes, their triad of change, in relationship to their spinal outcome assessments

Relate practice members outcome assessments and reevaluation to their full picture progress rather than just stating if they are better or worse

Move your patients from pain and symptom focus to life enhancement focus

Create a tailor-made care plan for members of your practice based on their true needs

Transform your ability to interpret initial presentation of your practice members.

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We had an amazing turnout when we held this event.  Here’s what some of the attendee’s had to say:
" Daniel Knowles crushed it! He distilled his life's work of NSA-ROH communication and evaluation (X-ray and scans) in the office into 4 hours. AWESOME AND USEFUL!!!!"

- S. Dove

"Danny is nothing short of a genius. I know none of us have had an opportunity to meet BJ Palmer while he practiced, but we do have the opportunity to meet and learn from Danny Knowles. He and Richelle Knowles are who I have modeled my practice after over the last couple of years and I am more confident as an NSA chiropractor and we serve way more people. Do not miss this man's next program. It's not a luxury, it's a necessity if you want to be an exceptional NSA chiropractor!"

-C. Carney  

  By watching these videos you will experience how during the seminar, I relate the teachings of David Daniel Palmer, and how his foundational principles along with other historical clinical greats can be seen in spinal scans.  In addition, I also extensively review patient case studies so that you can further enhance your understanding and ability to visualize subluxation patterns, adverse spinal cord tension patterns, muscular facilitation and bony alignment changes as well as the benefits of scanning the nervous system.

"This program was a complete game changer for me.  It totally blew my mind.  It helped connect the work that I am doing (NSA) with the practice member and the Triad in a way I have never utilized it before.  I was excited to get into the office on Monday and re-look at scans and xrays in a whole new light.  I was taught to see what I was missing, what was being addressed, what is needed to be addressed, basically how I could just be a better doctor and serve my people better. I also learned what part of a persons triad is effortless and which parts might be more difficult, and how to communicate effectively to that person in a language that would mean something to them over the course of their care.  Even if you aren't taking xrays, SEMG, Thermography, or posture pictures you will walk away from this seminar and look at all of them through completely new eyes, in a way you never have before and be able to to tell what the cord is doing or how a person might present in your office before physically even seeing them."

-M. MacCarthy

When you invest in this video series, you’ll join some of your colleagues by transforming your practice and building a better relationship with your patients.  You will have a better understanding of their needs, which will reflect in their care and overall healing process.

To your success!

Dr. Daniel Knowles, D.C.

Dr. Daniel Knowles knocking it out of the park!! NSA folks get to this presentation whenever you can. Truth is truth and he is bringing it!!

P. Fisk

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